Monday, January 16, 2006

Step 4: A closer look at the piping work

Next I will explain on how flexible hose is attached to the piping. As from the diagrams above, you can see that there is a T join to hold the last tier of piping and the drainage system. All the PVC are secured with PVC glue and are further strengthen with cable tie for support when the water is being drained. The valve at the end is to prevent any water from dripping out. The connection between the valve and the reducer is secured using a white tape. It can be secured using PVC glue also. I am not securing with PVC glue because I wanted the flexibility of removing it and not pertruding out of my rack and obstructing my door way. At the end of the valve, it is enhanced with a reducer and a 20mm pipe to ensure that the normal toilet flexible hose can fit tightly into the pipe.


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