Monday, January 16, 2006

Fancy Guppy hobby made easy

Fancy Guppy keeping made easy is to provide some knowledge sharing and overview set up of my system for a setup of 25 tanks using a very simple gravity and water flow concept for HDB guppy breeders. This also allows for flexible hose to ensure the tidiness of the house. Why spend time doing water changing if you can spend more time admiring at your guppies?

The system is to address to the following issues that I was facing in the past.
1. Change water 1 tank at a time
2. Time consuming
3. Physically health damaging
4. Ensure tidiness in the house and space saving

Change water 1 tank at a time
This is the most dreadful part of the hobby for everyone to change water. Taking an average of 10 minutes per tank, from the time I plug out the filter and carry the tank out from the rack all the way to finally topping up the water and washing the filter and setting it back into the rack. This is not efficient in water change if you are having more than 35 tanks.

Time consuming
Back to the example of 10 minutes per tank, per rack having 6 tanks and there are 3 rows, means that there are 18 tanks taking a total of 180 minutes (3hrs) of your time every time a water change is done. I have a total of 3 racks and more than 20 plastic tanks lying around in the house. This is far too much time spent “fire fighting” everyday with the water change. If the water is not changed, the guppies will soon be faced with water parameter problems.

I am sure everyone including me wants to enjoy more time looking at the guppies rather than being a slave to the water change routine. So I have decided to break free from water changing routine!

Physically health damaging
Although I am not very old, haha … the impact of carrying the tanks almost daily from the racks or on the floor to the toilet and washing them then carrying them back is huge. “Daily” is because I can change 1 rack in a day then the next rack the next day and the 3rd rack the following day, then the tanks not in the racks, and the 5th day the fries containers, on the 6th day, the breeders tanks. That leaves me a day to rest in a week! :p

Even my mind tells me that I can do it and doing that faithfully for the past 1½ years, the impact of backache has started to haunt me.

Ensure tidiness in the house and space saving
Although I already have 3 racks they are still untidy because of the uneven tank size. There are also tanks lying all around the floor taking up ½ my living room. Those that have visited my house before will know what I mean. HDB is already very small and crampy, I want to compact and standarise all the tanks and maximse the space allocated for my guppies but not compromising the living room space for my family and my kids.


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